Season’s Greetings

The MECA sale is a few days away. Just finished up all of my illustrations for my calendar! It feels good to have accomplished some things in the last few days. I will upload the other 11 images tomorrow into my gallery so you can take a peek. I will probably also make cards out of these! They came out great, I’m very happy with them. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and keeping warm, despite the snow!


4 Responses to “Season’s Greetings”

  1. Amie Says:

    Katie this is absolutely adorable and gorgeous! I don’t know what classes you have this year, but it seems you’re being inspired by something good!

    • ktkthx Says:

      Thank you, Amie! I have Jamie, and this project was a free-bird project where we got to create our own assignment and turn it into something we could sell at the MECA sale. So these will be turned into calendars, and possibly greeting cards, though Jamie said they could go anywhere! 😀

  2. aunt donna Says:

    hi kate!…just saw your website, very nice! are you doing a calendar? auntie and i would like to order one if your selling them. how are you? i just received one of your cards from your mother for my birthday, love it. i understand you will graduate in may–are you still at maine school of art? i hope you and your brother are good, we are all good here. love, aunt donna

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