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New-er Blog Site

August 20, 2011

Wow, way to update, Kt. I’ve been using blogspot as my main site since the last time I have posted here. If you would like to follow me I’ll be over at I can’t quite remove this site yet as it is linked to my alumni page at MECA. Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience!

Love, Kt



April 19, 2010

Hey everyone!
Just writing to share the exciting news,
this is my very, very last week of college, ever!
It has taken me six years to get here (because I had transferred at two separate times).
I never thought I would see these final days, and now here I am.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive and kind.
You will hear from me again very soon, and by then I’ll be a college graduate!!

Love, Kt

Black Metal Embroidery

March 12, 2010

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest work-in-progress, a black metal embroidery project for a school assignment. I have to say, embroidery and cross stitching are two of my favorite things to do! What a fun project. I will be sure to post when it’s finished!


February 10, 2010

I’ve been getting back into the sketchbook this semester! Finally. I was struggling for a long time with figuring out how to draw people, and then I just started drawing in a cartoon style, and fell in love with it. Of course, I need to keep working on it because these aren’t the greatest. Eventually I’d like to get to a point where I take these drawings and transfer them onto Bristol board or Illustration board and add watercolor or some form of water media. I’ve been getting help and tips from classmates, as well as professors. It finally feels good to draw again, because it’s so freeing. Anyway, enjoy!

I’ve been into black metal culture, rockabilly culture, tattoos, and cute animals lately. Particularly birds. Hansel & Gretel are for a school assignment, I’m working on the illustration separately, these are just doodles.

In other news, we’re having an open studio next Tuesday, from 12-1:30PM. The illustration majors and I are going to put up some of our work on the walls, decorate, and I’m going to make cupcakes with illustrated toppers like last year. I’ll take photos!

Season’s Greetings

November 30, 2009

The MECA sale is a few days away. Just finished up all of my illustrations for my calendar! It feels good to have accomplished some things in the last few days. I will upload the other 11 images tomorrow into my gallery so you can take a peek. I will probably also make cards out of these! They came out great, I’m very happy with them. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and keeping warm, despite the snow!

Keeping Warm

November 18, 2009

Between finishing up assignments for the semester, I’ve been busting out mini treasures to sell at the MECA sale. The image shown above is a series of five 3″ embroideries themed for summer. Although it is getting cold outside, these vibrant colors will make anyone feel warm! I think these will look lovely by themselves or all together in an arrangement.

I have also added a new banner to this site. I used a watercolor from last semester and a basic font. Tell me what you think!

Keeping Busy

November 15, 2009


This semester, our final project in the Illustration Majors class is to create something that we can sell at our table at the MECA holiday sale. It’s free-choice and can either be one single thing, or multiples. On December 4 and 5 we’ll be setting up our table — complete with an “Illustration” banner, that we each had to design a letter for. I got the letter “S”. The above image is my finished piece [View it larger in my Portfolio]. It will be hung in the correct order with mini clothespins on a line, like laundry or bunting. How cute! I look forward to the MECA sale, as well as the end to the semester. I am worn out on school and can’t wait for winter break to happen!

I’ve been in the illustration studio all weekend along with other illustration students. I’ve caught myself up on some assignments, gotten started on a few others, and got some thumbnail sketch ideas down for the rest. I have a forever-long to-do list that travels with me everywhere so that I’ll always be on track of what needs to get done. Only a few weeks left, wish me luck!


November 9, 2009

Thanks for checking out my site! This is the first of many blog posts, so check back to read about and view more of my work. Thanks!